“NAPPY RIDDEM/One World Sovereignty: Simply a first class party on a platter in which we find pomo and alt coming to black music as reggae mixes it up side by side with James Brown, Parliament and a host of one world future sounds that find their basis and soul in soul music, R&B and the future of rhythm. They are here to get the party started and they forget to punch out”

"Nappy Riddem (the duo of Mustafa Akbar and Rex Riddem), whose “One World Sovereignty” debut is a rhythmic, global-flavored collection of positive-minded songs."
- Going Out Gurus (Washington Post)

"Nappy Riddem's One World Sovereignty: Washington, D.C., is known for its booty-shaking go-go music but Nappy Riddem adds a globe's worth of other influences to the mix. The result, on this album, is an irresistible blend of '60s soul, reggae, hip-hop and electro impulses that should have anyone with a spine hurtling out to the dance floor."
-- Cary Darling (Star Telegram)

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